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Soap Lover


Even though I use bar soap on a daily basis (along with liquid hand soap and bath gel), the rate at which I can try new soaps is extremely low. Thus, I get irrationally excited when I can unwrap a fresh bar and experience the new scent and texture. I am totally obsessed with fragrant products so candles and bar soaps make it to the top of my loves.

My hubby bought this little treasure for me at a trendy shop called the Soap Opera (cute, huh?) on State Street in Madison, WI. That store had all the brand name and kitschy craft spa products you can dream up within two rooms. I LOVE the packaging and the ever so square shape. The smell isn’t unique and not really sugar plumy but pleasant all the same. I am so pleased that it contains some exfoliating flecks as that will definitely give my skin a deeper cleanse.

I just came back from a 4-day trip to Portsmouth, ME and their quaint little downtown shops all had exquisitely wrapped soaps, candles and vintage looking perfumes. It took a lot of self control to only purchase 2 bars of soap that I’ve wanted since seeing the packaging for the first time 2 years ago. I’m pretty sure Swedish Dream soaps will solve all my problems based on their incredibly clean, sea salty smell and adorable packaging. Stay tuned if I ever review them!

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Mani Monday


I turned my Monday into an awesome day! First of all, it was a whooping 35 F degrees–warmer by 50-70 degrees since the last few weeks in Madison! It’s basically heaven for me here. I had a relatively easy workday, followed by a trip to the spa/salon I usually go to. I was hooked after the initial professional manicure, so this is my second trip :). I chose OPI color Senorita Rosealita, a perfectly rich-hued scarlet for the deep winter days…this spa location always gives you a full size bottle of polish to take home and I chose part of the Gwen Stefani collection in a matte gold; SO excited to try that out for myself sometime!

Right after the relaxing manicure, I went next door to this Parisian bakery and bought a freshly baked peach tart! Satisfied, I headed out and came home to a chicken pot pie made from scratch! I usually do the cooking so it’s always a treat when my fiance tries out his culinary chops ;). To all of you who hate Mondays, it’s just another day of the week–you can always make it great by planning something you know you’ll like!


First Professional Manicure!


Yes, it’s true–I’ve never ever gotten a manicure at a salon until last night. I went to Madison’s Rejuvenation Spa and had a great experience! My package came with a lotioned hand massage, cuticle soak and trim, nail cut and buff, base coat + OPI color + top coat + spray dry. This place gives you the bottle of OPI color, nail filer and buffing block, which is really nice!

I’ve been to this spa 3 times now and even my time in their waiting areas have been great! There are plenty of chocolate pieces, lemon waters, trail mix and dried fruits. The OPI collection lacks a lot of fun colors–no pastels or greens/blues. There are a million dfferents shades of reds and browns to choose from though! I chose this warm eggplant purple because I still want to give this hue a good try. My Julep experience was just a doozy.

I would say that a regular Salon manicure is pretty much the same as what I would do at home. I have all the materials for a DIY pro-looking mani–just invest in rich, opaque colors, build up a collection and you’re good to go! I even add a sugar hand scrub sometimes to really smooth my hands. However, this won’t be my last visit to Rejuvenation Spa before I move out of Madison. There is still the pedicure adventure I have yet to treat myself to!