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  Here I am modeling gazebo #1 on a sunny April day warm enough to finally go outside. There is a gas line in this gazebo so it holds the potential to put a grill here for summer BBQ parties! I can’t wait to spruce up all the outside parts of my house and make it suitable for all sorts of soirees that I will host! Entertaining, here I come!

  As I am typing this post, a hired professional is power-washing our entire deck after a vacancy of three years by the previous owners! It’s like a much-needed bath for all that otherwise beautiful and sturdy Trex deck! The hubby and I will have to learn gardening soon if we don’t want the neighbors to sneer at our lawn!

  And…our pond is open for business! Well, we took off the net for its official “unveiling” but I guess it’s not quite functional just yet. Next steps include pumping out the old water, clearing any debris inside, filling with fresh water, getting some circulation going and testing out the lighting! All fun-sounding tasks that will probably be costly…

  I had a lot of fun just skipping around the perimeter exploring. I found a stone tortoise, a stone turtle and a cute stone bear holding an acorn lamp! Oh, the treasures to be found and adventures to be had in my own backyard this summer!

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Popsicle Mani

These two colors reminded me of slurping Popsicles on a hot summer day. This past weekend was all about being outside and doing yard work so while it wasn’t summer yet, working hard builds up a sweat too and an icy treat sure helps with that! In honor of yard work, I picked these two colors for my mani to show off:

-Essie’s Bikini so Teeny

-Ulta’s Tinsel Town

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Wild Orchid Mani


I’m loving this ladylike and saturated color! This Wild Orchid shade from H&M is a good summer and spring color. The polish goes on opaque and the finish is very glossy without chipping immediately (unlike a lot of OPI ones I’ve tried). The bottle itself is tiny, however the beautiful roses all around the cap makes up for it ;). I would say this is a rich, feminine magenta. It also goes along with Patone’s color of the year: Orchid. It is a redder orchid rather than Patone’s more purply one.

I like that the bottle is so small because it gives me more chances to try new, wild colors without keeping this one in the dust for so long. It gives me great pleasure to use up an entire beauty product. I rarely do because of the breadth of my collection, but it is a satisfying moment!