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Mermaid Blush


I used two coats to achieve this “mermaid blush.” First coat is a seafoam metallic shimmer H&M polish. The bottle is all frosted glass and the quality is great! The topcoat is also an H&M shade┬áin a clear glittertastic frenzy! I rarely use a clear topcoat to seal in the color because I’m always so anxious to try out different colors, haha! It actually makes me anxious if my nail polish lasts too long and I have to stare at the same shade/design for over two weeks. You won’t catch me paying to get a gel mani–that stuff doesn’t even come off without a professional process! Besides, the UV lamp literally tans your fingers and getting them once a month, every month, all the time will give you skin cancer.

So on that note, be healthy, ladies, and don’t over do the shellac manis! Invest in a variety of great colors and different brands and unleash your creativity!