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Merry Mani

I used H&M’s chunky, glittery candy crush shade and an Ipsy deluxe nail polish for the accent. Staying power of the glittery stuff is too good. I’m booked for a mani/pedi this weekend so hopefully it comes off easily! I’m psyched because I have never gotten a pedicure before so here goes! I’m so used to DIY beauty treatments that unlike most girls, have never been one to luxuriate in spa/salon appointments. My first manicure at a salon was a only 3 years ago!

My travel kitty braved the 2-hr car ride to Cleveland Town this past weekend and wrecked havoc at my parents’ house along with their long haired beauty, Muffy. 

I loved this candid my dad took of the hubs photographing me. Teehee.

We enjoyed some surprisingly nice weather this Sunday and made it out to the Cleveland metroparks for a light stroll. Squaw Rock might be my fave hiking place!


Iceland Part II

  On our Golden Circle tour, we made an unscheduled stop on the side of the road at one of the many free range horse farms! Thank goodness someone else in our group requested strongly that we do this because it ended up being my fave part of the whole tour. Iceland has a huuuuge amount of these shaggy, sturdy horses and in turn, there’s a big horseback riding and rental business here. While we didn’t do that, we did just get to go up to these beauties and pet the heck out of them. I’ve never seen such friendly, furry horses! We also learned from the tour guide that all of Iceland’s current livestock descended from a continuous line of the original Viking animals brought over from Norway. The Icelandic breeds are pure in themselves because they have never mingled with breeds from other countries. That’s amazing.
  From my look of utter delight, this petting session brought unfiltered joy to my animal-loving heart.   Our tour group braved high winds, rain and cold temperatures to go on the Golden Circle tour. Worth it, of course, but I was almost blown away on the Parliament lava fields. Check out the black lava rock gravel path against the stunning backdrop of snow mountains. Dayum, Iceland!

I was so proud of myself for not dying on this hike. I huffed and puffed through a 6-mile hike on mountainous, muddy, snowy terrain…in WEDGES! I was thinking that if I died during this process, my body would be easily distinguishable from others by being so fabulous. To all the non-believers, I did it and I didn’t die. My boots are almost ruined but I was not.

And…this is the whole reason for that aforementioned 6-mile hike. Hot springs, son! Many of the girls (myself included) wore our swimsuits so it was just a matter of stripping down and plopping in the piping hot stream. Getting out was so awful because the wind nipped our cold wetness and changing clumsily amongst your whole tour group was humbling. Still worth it though. Hot springs are always worth it.

More hot spring realness. My two types of outfits in Iceland = winter fur coat and string bikinis. A land of contrasts!

Visited an earthquake exhibit where the tectonic plates divide. I’m in North America, now I’m in Europe!

  Geyers are a type of hot spring except they blow out steam and water with exceptionally violent force. Many are dormant but some have a consistent timetable of when they erupt!  Little Brother erupted every 5 minutes. He was the perfect tourist attraction.
  We spent our last full day in Iceland exploring the capital city. I am standing atop the Perlan Dome, enjoying a marvelous panoramic view of the city.   This scene reminds of me of the Swiss Alps. Architecture was pretty bland in Iceland. All buildings and houses looked like rectangular Monopoly parts and the interiors all resembled white-washed Ikeas.
  Resting after another laborious 6-mile walk that day.   Meet Clown Cat, the friendliest kitty ever. I sat down to rest at the Sculpture Garden and she came out of nowhere to greet me. She continued to roll around in the grass, rub against me and basically hung out for about 20 minutes. There was a sort of device on her neck so perhaps she wasn’t a stray.
  Don’t be too shocked but I visit the Icelandic Phallus Museum. Yup, that’s a whale’s thingy, or dong, to be scientific. Fascinating. 


Iceland Part I

Yes, boy and girls, I traveled to ICELAND! Our hotel was in the capital, Reykjavik but our excursions took us to neighboring places. My favorite excursion was the surreal, magical Blue Lagoon! The most interesting part about it is that it’s not even natural! It is just a byproduct from the geothermal energy plant. Water seeped into some fissures and the heat of the earth, along with the abundant minerals formed the amazing Blue Lagoon. The silica mud there gives the waters its signature milky aquamarine hue and the high pH and heat serve as a tonic for your body. Doctors here legit prescribe treatments to just soak it up! Ay ay, doc!   What made the experience even more luxurious was that the center opened especially for our group a whole hour before public hours. I could spend a whole day here! Temperatures were about 38 F that day and the wind sure was whippy, but then you sink in the waters and forget about all that. Of course, it made climbing out of the lagoon that much more terrible.

Tips for booking your own trip to the Blue Lagoon:

  • A regular admission gives you a wrist band and nothing else. It’s about $50 so be prepared if you choose this option!
  • Pack a towel and flip flops!
  • If you’re willing to spend $90 per person, then yes, slippers and a bathrobe are included
  • Shower facilities and locker rooms are great but got SUPER crowded after it was open to the public
  • Must shower naked first, then put on swimsuit to be able to go into the lagoon
  • Swim up bar in the middle of the lagoon available and you pay via your wrist band. They limit you to 3 adult drinks so you don’t die in the heat and of dehydration
  • Excursions here are only to and from the airport. I’m sure you can arrange your own trip here but it’s en route to Keflavik.

My Blue Lagoon themed mani! Bikini So Teeny from Essie on all nails and a Jamberry wrap that didn’t work so well. I did a top coat this time to make it last using BBWorks True Blue Spa topcoat.
  Yum! Mai Tai Bistro on their main street in the capital. This is the best pad thai I’ve ever had. Presentation was gorgeous and every table had chopped peanuts, dry chili powder, sweet vinegar, black pepper and fish sauce.   Noodle Station! First place I spotted and first meal in Iceland! These are steaming bowls of beef rice noodle soup and it was full of hot and spicy goodness! Iceland does Asian food right!
  Daily breakfast at the Foss Hotel. I had 3 plates of everything and averaged around 2.5 pastries a day. Skyr was abundant and passable with fruits, nuts and Coco Puffs sprinkled on top.   Every day we would eat a big dinner on the main street somewhere and then go to a different restaurant just for dessert. This was a Nepalese restaurant that I picked. I got the milk balls which were sweet dough balls in a soup of condensed milk and syrup served in a fancy ice cream goblet! The hubs got lamb momos with a strange but yummy garlic sauce.
  Best dessert goes to this historic Icelandic bakery-turned-restaurant. This is strawberry mousse with skyr foam, licorice meringue and like 2 berries. Amazing presentation and odd but rich taste! Hubby chose this place because he wanted a fish meal. Pictured here is my dish: sweet BBQ skewered chicken in an herb aioli with a side of fries. Best BBQ chicken I’ve ever had! Iceland did meats right! I had the tenderest pieces of lamb and beef while I was there.