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Birthday Meal for Hubby


I know, I’m kind of an awesome girlfriend–went all out to create John’s favorite meal for his birthday.

Ingredients: thick Asian glass noodles, sautéed shrimp, chopped broccoli, bamboo shoots, scallions, garlic, snow peas and fresh lime.
Sauce: peanut butter, chili powder, soy sauce, grape seed oil, sesame oil, garlic salt

Signature cocktail: iced tea, Midori, lychee syrup garnished with a lychee and lime slice. Tropical bliss!


Oh yeah, and I got him handcrafted cupcakes from a local European bakery. That is a pecan carrot cake and cappuccino flavor 🙂

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Bachelorette Outfit!


My wedding colors are periwinkle and white so I asked all the girls going to my bachelorette party to color coordinate in blue and white. My dress is a peekaboo style with black mesh for the chest/collar area. I’ve accessorized with my chunky blue/white statement necklace. The heels are also royal blue with a metallic accent.

It was a wonderful, wild weekend in Chicago with many of my old chums from Ohio State. O-H-I-O!

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Crazy for Guac


Growing up in a Chinese family, I’ve never tried guacamole or even avocado before for most of my life. I think I tried it once in college and was amazed by the creamy, green texture of this strange vegetable! Then when I moved to Wisconsin to begin my adult life, it became to go-to food for friends to bring to potlucks, parties or celebrations.

John and I started making guacamole a year ago and my culinary life had not been the same. Apparently, avocado is a superfood that gives you nutrients almost akin to that of a healthier dairy or protein product! His recipe is also very healthy and we avoid any cheese on the tortilla chips. We make so much that it’s a full blown dinner plus lunch portions!

Ingredients: ripe avocados, red onion, tomatoes, lime/lemon juice, hot sauce, garlic, scallions, garlic salt, pepper

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5-inch Beauties!


Yes, they’re a bit tricky to walk in on smooth surfaces, but I just love the fact that they’re pink and 5 inches tall! The whole heel is a stud-like metallic material and there is also a flower appliqué on the side of each shoe. I wore these out only once in public and definitely had to hold onto John a couple of times, hehe. In the name if beauty…worth it!

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Dreamiscle Dress


I do always like national chain, but every once in a while shopping at a local boutique is a treat. One such Madison boutique is called Tiger Lily and there are 3 locations in the city. They have a wide selection of prom, cocktail, summer and clubbing dresses that are the latest and greatest cuts and styles.

I’m usually not a fan of the one-shoulder but I fell in love with the color combination and the cut. For more formal occasions, I slip on an orange shrug and I’m ready for a day out in this dreamsicle number!

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White Career Pumps


I got this pair of sweet-looking rounded toe pumps from this huge mall in Hangzhou back in 2008. I liked that the heel is barely 2 inches before but I wish that it were at least 3 inches now. I actually fare better with higher heels because there is less of a chance of the back slipping off my heel (which happens to every pair of pumps I wear :().

They look great with my gingham dresses and polishes up an outfit that might look too girly.

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Oil Painting Set


I took oil painting classes when I was 16 for 2 months and now it’s been about 7 years since I last busted out my entire Winsor & Newton supplies. I’ve always loved the smell of linseed oil so getting back into the hobby was a relatively smooth transition. These designs are inspired by some Parisian-style, old-timey prints from Michaels that I found to be the chicest things ever. My own imitation is a lot less chic but has the personal DIY touch ;).

The 1987 one with the Pearl of the Orient represents me and the 1988 one with the word Rome artistically cut off represents John. They’ll be a nice size addiction to our new apartment when we move.

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John bequeathed his immortality to me in the Christmas of 2011. Since then, I have found momentous occasions to wear this stunning piece of authentic LOTR jewelry out. It especially delights me when someone recognizes it and tries to remember the name of Arwen’s necklace. John had the idea when we were re-watching The Two Towers and The Noble Collection pamphlet fell out. There were a lot of useless, overpriced collectibles like Gandalf’s staff and Gimli’s axe, but there were also beautiful replicas of the one ring and elven jewelry. It was the perfect gift for a girly, fashionable nerd like me :).

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Peach Brioche


I love breakfast for dinner. I love all diners–chains, specialties, mom ‘n pops, 24/7, you name it. When you sign up on Ihop’s website, they even give you a free entree on your birthday month! So while John happily ate his rooty tooty fresh and fruity, I dug into my peaches and cream brioche pancake! Heaven! Fluffy, fruity, glazed with condensed milk mmmm…TGIF indeed. One of the best Fridays I’ve had in a while :).