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Floral Pumps, My New Darlings!


I got these in the mail today after waiting for a whole month and just can’t take my eyes off them! They are my perfect pair of posh spring pumps! I had been searching for the right floral print for ages and settled on these beauties.
I really dig how the pattern isn’t symmetrical and how each shoe is just a bit different from each other. They are so pleasing to look at with their multi colored petal print and black 3-inch stiletto!

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5-inch Beauties!


Yes, they’re a bit tricky to walk in on smooth surfaces, but I just love the fact that they’re pink and 5 inches tall! The whole heel is a stud-like metallic material and there is also a flower appliqué on the side of each shoe. I wore these out only once in public and definitely had to hold onto John a couple of times, hehe. In the name if beauty…worth it!