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Holiday Mani

  The hubs bought me roses last Friday so I diligently trimmed and arranged them in our beautiful wedding present vase. Not an hour later, Mimiboo knocks it over and destroys all that I worked for. She really has something against all flowers/plants in the house whether they be silk or real. What did flowers ever do to her?!

Pangur Ban does have the softest fur of all kitties though. She may be destructive, but at least she is my destructive kitty boo. Two days ago, she broke her first wine glass. *sigh. This is why I can’t have nice things.  My holiday 2015 mani! I used Formula X for the first time and love the texture and color selection. This was a winner from my December Ipsy bag. I just wish it were the full size. Then I used my nail stamping kit again to achieve some festive designs in a darker red. Staying power is good since it has been 3 days and no chips yet!


Nail Stamping! 

My sis was sweet and gave me her nail stamping kit! I tried it for the first time last night so excuse the noviceness! The ring finger is supposed to be a burst of flowers almost like bamboo but didn’t transfer 100%. The thumb’s sea turtle turned out better but I smudged the side badly :(. It’s quite a messy and resource-consuming process though! For the novelty, I’ll definitely want to try out more designs, but keep cotton swabs and nail polish remover at the ready! This requires speed, dexterity and precision. I’ll have to work on my technique! The base coat is a lovely opaque mulberry from Ulta. The white is a mini Sally Hansen.
  I want to rave about this delicious meal I made last month. This is my homemade avocado pesto sauce served with rigatoni pasta on a bed of baby spinach and topped with Genoa salami.

Pesto ingredients:

-crushed garlic

-2 avocados

-olive oil

-sea salt

-red pepper flakes

-dash of sesame oil

-black pepper

-crushed mint  This was a game day meal. I will not mention which game it is because it was the only one Ohio State lost.

Anyways…I deep fried chicken wings and made my own sauce: honey BBQ sauce, dash of soy sauce, red pepper flakes, parsley. I also deep fried jalapeno poppers and served with sparkling water and lime. The ranch out of the bottle was too thick so I mixed a tiny bit of water, added crushed mint and squeezed lime juice in it–refreshing and tangy!

And now enjoy these ridiculously cute photos of my Pangur Ban.
   Meet Muffy! She is my parents’ cat and holds herself like a princess. She is equivalent to Pangur Ban’s aunt ;).